Life and Financial Advisory Services for Individuals

Every individual faces unique financial challenges when looking to secure their financial futures.  It is wise to have an ongoing outside third party to help you make a well-informed plan that covers the right bases for sound life and financial preparation and ongoing maintenance.  Having an un-biased, outside coach or counselor will provide a second perspective; possibly uncovering blind spots.  When it is your future at stake, it is well worth it to have a committed professional and partner who always acts in your behalf.

Life’s challenges are always there.  Having a personal and confidential advisor to help with budgeting, financial planning, asset management, risk management, and retirement strategies provides a peace of mind.  When these essential areas are in proper order,  individuals may realistically reach their unique personal and financial goals.


Life and Financial Advisory Services for Family

Whether you are a single family or you are among a larger extended family, we can help with your Life and Financial Advisory needs.

For larger extended families, there are huge advantages when they work multi-generationally with one Life and Financial Advisory firm.  This is especially the case if there is a serious proactive desire to maximize wealth, minimize risk, and reduce (or eliminate) duplication/triplication, etc., of resources.  This is further true if the family’s goal is to build a strong life and financial legacy for current and future generations.

By taking a multi-generational planning approach, clients gain the synergy of  time, talent, and treasure, keeping more assets within the family.  When  families coordinate their planning, it results in better communication and decisions that enhance overall life and financial security.  We can help you develop a planned strategy that is right for your family’s legacy.


Life and Financial Advisory Services for Provider Support for Seniors

We support medical providers in their mission to help relieve select-senior’s fears & stress by providing personalized-fiduciary services that help ensure a greater peace of mind.

Life and Financial Advisory Services for Family Business

We understand that every business is different.  Today’s entrepreneurs and business owners commonly face many issues:  cash flow, budgeting, planning, taxes, risk strategies, business growth, acquisitions, and more.  Personally, there are stresses that mount up.  It is difficult to see the forest, for the trees and it would be wise, at times, to just have someone who understands; someone to talk to… get a fresh perspective.

Our aim is to tailor our approach to each client.  We work alongside the entrepreneur to develop a financial plan while also bringing a valuable, neutral second opinion for business strategies.

We want to be on your team of experts.  We can help by advising, gathering and disseminating information from CPAs, tax attorneys, estate planning consultants, and other professionals. We can also provide business ideas and marketing perspectives; ways that will streamline and organize complex details, making decision-making processes faster and easier for the client.

Our goal is to provide sound and objective financial advice specifically suited to your business needs.