Like most disciplines, it is rare that a person can actually accomplish his goals alone.  Having a proven coach/advisor/mentor makes a HUGE difference by:  helping us stay on course, warning us of hazardous blind spots, and encouraging us toward the prize…. Life & Financial success.

Budgeting:  We help you take an inventory of your yearly income sources and expenses.  How well are you living within your means?  How well are you controlling your spending?  Are you reaching your earnings plans and goals? Are you exploring and accessing the many ways available to  increase your income and decrease your spending?  These are basic building blocks for financial wealth.

Planning:  Once your Budget is producing a yearly net profit, what should be done with the excess?  We will help you map out a course to build your wealth and manage/reduce your risk.  Far too many focus on building wealth and then lose everything by failing to address potential risks.  Managing & reducing risk is crucial.

There are many ways to approach Asset Management.  Most importantly, whatever approach you take, it needs to match your unique situation.  There is no “one way” of doing things.  So, we take things slow to develop a mutual client-advisor relationship, first.  We allow sufficient time to examine your personal needs and objectives.

Traditional approaches include the management of Cash, Traditional & Roth IRAs, 401K Rollovers, Annuities, etc.  Alternative approaches may utilize Self-Directed IRAs, Personal & Business Trading Accounts, etc.

Various types of investments may include:  Stocks; Bonds; CDs; Cash Savings; Mutual Funds; ETFs; Commodities; Currencies; Insurance; Annuities; Real Estate; Precious Metals; Farming; Businesses; etc.

Assets may be managed by us or through a third-party investment firm.

For those who prefer to be more hands-on, we also provide trader-education services and support.

Personal Risk  is about common life decisions that people make everyday, as well as those events that take us by surprise; even crisis.  When unexpected events hit, it is difficult to know what to do, alone.  We really need a confidant; a trustee; a friend… who can provide sound unbiased advice; someone who can help keep us from making serious mistakes.  None of us grew up in the perfect environment where we were mentored in all life principles protecting us from the challenging world in which we live.  Right information, sound advice from those who have “been there, done that” isn’t always, readily available.  To go it alone is dangerous!  Life’s hazards are nothing to make assumptions about.   We need a “go to” person who understands what to do  OR has access to those who do.  “Who ya gonna call?”  We invite you to call us.

Financial Risk is about what happens to our wealth if this happens or that happens.  Yes, stuff happens!  There are ways to help protect ourselves.  One of the most common ways is insurance.  Two ways to managing Financial Risk is by hedging investments and taking advantage of the leverage provided by various insurance products.  We work with you, according to your budget and need, to find the best solutions.  More information may be found at our sister company, Securus Life.

After you have perused our website and decide that you would like to begin exploring a Life & Financial Advisory relationship, we proceed with…

  • A Mutual Interview:  Utilizing our Scheduling dashboard, set up a mutual 1-hour interview with us for a video conference or telephone.  In-person meetings may also be arranged.
  • Contracting:  During the Mutual Interview, we decide which Subscription Plan and Contract Agreements best suit your needs.  There are two different 1-year Contract Agreements: One is for Financial Planning & Investment Advisory).  The other is for Asset Management.  You may be interested in one, or both contract service agreements.  Final Contracting is completed in-person or via email & e-signatures.
  • Data Collection:  We utilize a branded online financial software for Financial Planning and/or Asset Management which requires completing a personal inventory both, independently and/or online meetings to obtain the best data for the best planning purposes. What you don’t provide (or hold back) can cause losses; what you do provide can enhance great gains.   Being open and honest is where fiduciary trust and confidentiality becomes so valuable.  Understandably, private information can be scary or even embarrassing but, it is vital for your financial success to honestly communicate so that strengths and weaknesses can be identified.  We will build on your strengths and shore-up your weaknesses.    Authentic client-advisor teamwork is what makes it all work, well!
  • Financial Planning Report:  Within a week, or so, after Data Collection, we meet again (video conference or in-person) to review your online Financial Planning Report and begin exploring Advisory solutions that match your needs and goals.  Together, we will decide what is the best solution to proceed accordingly.
  • Scheduling:  Utilizing our Scheduling dashboard, clients schedule a Monthly Review utilizing telephone or video conferencing for coaching purposes.

Gratia Financial is a “Fee Only” Registered Investment Advisory (RIA).  As an RIA, we have hourly or set-fees for the services that we offer.

Financial Advisory fees are assessed and offered through four plans:  Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These are based on your Subscription Plan.  

Gratia Financial’s fees structure is unique to the industry.  Every effort has been made to provide clients with reasonable and fair prices so that more people might afford and benefit from Life and Financial Advisory services.

Our Fee Structure can be viewed under the ADV Part2A&B Disclosure Form section of The Firm.

The owners of Gratia Financial, LLC are also owners of Securus Life, an agency providing numerous life, accident, and health insurance and annuity products.  Insurance compensation IS based on commission and NOT fees.  Clients, if applicable, may freely choose the insurance company they desire. Clients are not obligated to purchase such products from Securus Life.