Life Advisory  is a separate value-added service for all contracted Gratia Financial clients.

Today, many clients require more than simple Financial Advisory services.  They need a concierge, confidant, life coach, consultant, and/or mentor.

Life transitions invariably affect finances.  The strength/weakness of one often affects the other.  When people go through the various life transitions, many find themselves unprepared and are taken off-guard.  They need a “go to”; someone with seasoned experience and common sense to assist them in making important decisions; someone to “be there” for them.  They need trusted support.  

For example:  the more a physician knows about his patient, the better he can help prevent problems down the road, as well as treat current concerns.  Our fiduciary responsibilities work the same way.  The more we know about our clients, the better we can enhance their goals and dreams.

After perusing our website and you decide that you would like to begin exploring a Life & Financial Advisory relationship, we proceed with…

  • A Mutual Interview:  Call us for a mutual 1-hour interview appointment.  We can meet in-person or set up a video conference call. Then, we mutually decide if we want to go to the next step.
  • Contracting:  If Life Advisory concierge services are most, or all, that is required, the client may choose to enter into a special agreement on an hourly consultation or per diem basis.  Our Bronze Plan may also be used for clients preferring an annual retainer arrangement.
  • Contracting:  If Financial Advisory services are also required, Life Advisory value-added services are included with the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans.  (For more information, go to the tabs under the “Financial Advisory” menu)
  • Scheduling:  We begin meeting, in person or by video conference, according to the type of contract that best suits your situation and needs.

Gratia Financial is a “Fee Only” Registered Investment Advisory (RIA).  As an RIA, we have hourly or set-fees for the services that we offer.

Life Advisory fees may be assessed utilizing our Bronze Plan (an annual contract/monthly retainer plan). Our services may also be negotiated on an hourly or per diem basis.

Gratia Financial’s fees structure is unique to the industry.  Every effort has been made to provide clients with reasonable and fair prices so that more people might afford and benefit from Life and Financial Advisory services.

Our Fee Structure can be viewed under the ADV Part2A&B Disclosure Form section of The Firm.

The owners of Gratia Financial, LLC are also owners of Securus Life, an insurance agency providing numerous life, accident, and health insurance and annuity products.  Insurance compensation IS based on commission and NOT fees.  Clients, if applicable, may freely choose the insurance company they desire. Clients are not obligated to purchase such products from Securus Life.